Telephone Support Service

Your business, your products and services - we will make it sound better. Unlike standard call centers, we do not stop with merely answering calls. We are a full-fledged customer support center and not a call answering company. We will ensure a delightful customer support experience for every one of your customers. To begin with, we will have thorough understanding of your product or service and build conversations with your customers that will help them all the way through to a happy closing.

Complaint Handling Service

Did a disgruntled customer just slam down the phone on you? Complaint handling is serious business. We specialize in complaint handling and customer relationship management services. We offer this service to a variety of industries. We can send out timely responses to every one of your correspondence or complaint within agreed time frames and maintain guaranteed service levels. Our professionalism and enthusiasm is aimed at converting your disgruntled customer to a loyal fan.

Technical Support

When you are sick, would you trust the advice of the doctor or someone whom you just met? The answer is obvious. Similarly, when in doubt would your customer trust the word of an expert or someone unqualified? Again, the answer is obvious. Does your product or service need to be supported by technically qualified people? Paying customers can easily identify support done by non-technical people. However a lot of businesses do not use the appropriate technical resources and it leads to returns, refunds and lost business.

Live chat support services

63 percent of website visitors would make an online purchase if they had more information. More than half of all potential Internet sales are lost where customer question go unanswered. It may be a simple case of getting a missing piece of information or a customer needing reassurance. These simple unanswered cases could cost you a lot. Live chat on your website is the right answer. Our trained agents can handle live chat for your company. We work with Internet retailers.